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To be a centre of excellence in providing tele-center services to Corporate Clients, in order that our Corporate Clients can focus on their core activities.


Azio commenced operation in 2007.

We are in the business of providing loan application approval, telemarketing and tele-collection services for our Corporate Clients.

Azio’s telecenter located at Bandar Tasik Selatan, Kuala Lumpur is fully equipped with computers, call center equipment and programs, to enable recording of all calls made by our tele-agents and to monitor the productivity of all tele-agents.


To streamline, improve and develop people, systems and processes for the benefit of our Corporate Clients, Azio’s employees, company and the society.

To be a good employer, who cares for the welfare of its valued employees; to enable all employees to have a challenging career but yet a balanced life-style. To provide career opportunity to Malaysian youth to enable personal development, growth and empowerment within the organisation structure.

The information structure and screens available on each Information & Communications Technology (ICT) system will align the way staff works and the tasks they do, with the aim to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of all processes.

To continuously automate, streamline and improve all processes for better efficiency and effectiveness. To document all processes for training and improvement; i.e. to enable the implementation of similar effective processes within the shortest time frame.


Azio’s core values are based on its history. These values define the way the business is being carried out. They also inspire and challenge the employees in their efforts to create a successful company ?financially and socially.

To be respectful is to be open and honest, and to behave with integrity. Respect fosters cooperation and makes it easier for all to work together to achieve the common goals.

To be excellent, one must be innovative, creative and be able to challenge oneself to exceed the expectations of customers, shareholders, and colleagues by striving to improve one’s results.

To be responsible one must be reliable, creative, confident and ready to accept challenges, when performing the daily tasks of handling customers or other activities.

When trying to balance all workload, priority is given to those tasks that relates to customers. Always strive to anticipate customer needs in order to meet their expectations.


P-Life Marketing Sdn. Bhd. has appointed Azio as its authorized collection agent since 2010.

P-Life enjoys woorking with Azio because of its professionalism in providing a one-stop solution center on easy installment payment.

We are Hiring

Azio is our neighbourhood friendly tele-center. Most of our tele-workers stay around our center in order to have a good work-life balance.

If you have the following qualities......


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