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ICT plays a very important role within Azio, especially when its operations is spread over many Branches, throughout Malaysia.

Since 2010, Azio has operated as a fully equipped call center with call center program, equipment, softwares, headphones, soft phones and others, to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of its call center.


Office-based employees are equipped with personal computers. MSN, webcams, emails are used extensively for interviews, trainings and communication. Emails are accessible remotely, from home or via hand-held devices. ERP system enables data to be retrieved at any Branches to enable customers to make payment or request for service at any Branches, regardless of where the products were purchased. Call center system ?ushs?calls to tele-employees within the shortest period. This improves the productivity of each tele-employee. Recorded calls can also be used for training purposes.


Thumb-print attendance recording system is used in all Branches. This system enables the Human Resource Department to compile all attendance data and process payroll within a short period. (practice of a paper-less corporate culture) via equipment that enable routing of faxes electronically; scanning of documents at a high speed or storing of faxes electronically without printing. This practice is productive (less physical filing and easy retrieval) and environmentally friendly (less need for papers). Azio? website (www.azioepay.com) enables on-line payment, e-statements, promotions and communication with customers.




P-Life Marketing Sdn. Bhd. has appointed Azio as its authorized collection agent since 2010.

P-Life enjoys woorking with Azio because of its professionalism in providing a one-stop solution center on easy installment payment.

We are Hiring

Azio is our neighbourhood friendly tele-center. Most of our tele-workers stay around our center in order to have a good work-life balance.

If you have the following qualities......

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